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Celebrating Pride, Blade, blaxploitation, and Ocean's 8: The A.V. Club's best stories of the week

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Graphic: Libby McGuire

Here’s a compilation of our favorite features we published this week.


Talking about the traumatically terrifying:
Director Ari Aster tells you everything we can’t about Hereditary


On this installment of Off The Charts, our series spotlighting music that didn’t make the year’s Billboard 200:
Gram Parsons, Betty Davis, and Neu! punctured the bloat of 1973


The women of The A.V. Club discuss:
The best thing about Ocean’s 8 is the women on the screen


Conversation with a comedian:
Netflix is the biggest game in stand-up—so why did Jim Gaffigan turn them down?


Happy Pride!
Celebrate Pride with 20 LGBTQ romances that don’t end in tragedy

We have some questions after the Legion season two finale:
Where does Legion go from here? And do you really want to follow it there?


The Archer creator on his show, and leaving it:
Adam Reed talks leaving Archer, going to Applebees, and firing his characters into space


Our pitch for a new superhero show that’s better than most:
A bold dream sequence proves Cloak & Dagger isn’t just another superhero series


Fred Williamson is the face of Black Caesar, but James Brown is its soul:
James Brown soundtracks one of blaxploitation’s most cynical films


In this installment of Age Of Heroes, our look the most important superhero movie of every year:
Blade paved the way for the Marvel blockbusters of the new millennium


This week’s AVQ&A asks: What’s something you only tried or did because you saw it in pop culture?
Smoking and engine revving: Things you’ve only tried because you saw it in pop culture

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