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David Harbour as Jim Hopper (Photo: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix)

Some plot elements in Stranger Things 2 follow, but we have to believe you’ve reached the third episode already. 

One of the presiding plot points of Stranger Things season two is the close bond between Sheriff Jim Hopper and Eleven, which ramps up from him feeding her in the woods to taking her in outright. In a flashback in episode three, as they begin to clean the dusty old cabin that soon will become their home, Hopper decides to lighten the mood by putting on a little Jim Croce. He nods approvingly as he pulls the album out of the record sleeve, saying “Now this is music,” then does a small but determined dance to “You Don’t Miss Around With Jim.” At times, Eleven looks appropriately horrified, but it’s a sweet moment nonetheless.


As it turns out, it’s also a moment for the internet to straight-up take off with, making Hopper dance to a variety of different songs that don’t happen to be by Jim Croce. Mashable points to new twitter account @hopperdancingto that pits the dance against Journey, Taylor Swift, and appropriately, the Ghostbusters theme song. Here’s Hopper grooving to some Earth, Wind & Fire:

as well as Simple Minds:


But there are a variety of other options to choose from, from Foster The People:


to Wham:


All the memes retain Eleven’s horrified stare, which is hilarious. But also in them all, Hopper doesn’t care. He’s just moving his hips from side to side, enjoying the music as he creates a home for everyone’s favorite psionic waif. And while the Twitter account has earned a rave review from David Harbour, who plays Hopper, the clips have garnered the same from the episode’s director, Shawn Levy. Fun fact: Jim Croce was Harbour’s idea.

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