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Edgar Wright released his personal playlist of the 50 best movie soundtrack moments

(Photo: Michael Tran/Getty Images)

If there’s one possible thing that Baby Driver director Edgar Wright loves even more than the intersection between movies and music, it’s making lists celebrating the intersection between movies and music. Thus, Wright announced tonight—in association with Spotify and its ShowStopper program—his latest indexing of cinematic tunesmithery, releasing a playlist of his 50 favorite musical moments from film.


Looking through it, it’s hard to fault Wright for his choices; per a series of accompanying tweets, many of the masters of the modern soundtrack—Scorsese, Tarantino, the Coen brothers, Wes Anderson, etc.—all make appearances, along with a healthy helping of Bowie and The Beatles. There’s even a certain natural flow to the selections; Halloween’s synths move into The Warriors, into Attack The Block, the most recent film on Wright’s list. (He also humbly skipped his own movies, meaning no “Kill the Queen.”) No playlist like this can ever be entirely definitive, of course, but any effort that namechecks Sharkey’s Machine and the bowling dream sequence from The Big Lebowski deserves an A for effort, at least.

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