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Achal: The Stagnant

1h 31m


Krishna Bairagi (Krishna)Subir Banerjee (Nepal Kaka)Taranga Sarkar (Rasu)


Bikramjit Gupta



This film deals with the characters that remain unnoticed in this era of globalization. These are the human beings surviving in the opposite direction of the stream. These little businessmen-like hawkers, street performers are rapidly going extinct from our vicinity due to the constant pressure of the market. They don't carry big brand names behind them but they are creative enough to color our life with their magnificent performances. They are often treated as garbage of this society but they have something special to say about their aspirations and dreams. Krishna earns his bread by performing as a living statue on the streets of Kolkata. The only people in his life are his Uncle (Nepal Kaka), his friend Rasu and a beautiful mannequin with whom he is incurably infatuated. Krishna's dream shatters when instead of his beloved he finds a headless mannequin. He madly scours the streets to see her again. Nepal Kaka breathes his last, ironically while performing as a statue and Rasu's play at drugs spirals into addiction leading to his death in a freak accident. Having lost his love and friend, life becomes an agony for Krishna.