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Art of Roxanne's Clippered Haircut



Lexee Crystal Harris (Woman 3)Kat Surth (Woman 4)Claudia Verela (Woman 2)


Kat Surth



Roxanne loves to make a statement. Red lip stick, tons of hairspray, and bold eyeliner for when she goes out. Roxanne wants a haircut to match her style, and she wants it retro. Retro gangster style reminiscent of the 1920's and 1930's. Roxanne has big plans for her clippered undercut too.You first see Roxanne during the pre-cut interview, talking about several of her hair stories. She admits that she is nervous about the upcoming haircut, but she wants us to "bring it on!"Jim Williams, the hair stylist, covers Roxanne in a hot pink cape, and wraps a neck strip around her neck. He sections off her hair into three sections - one on top, and two pony tails in the back. Roxanne stops talking once the clippers are revealed. "Oh my gosh, the clippers!" Jim offers her a chance to back out, but she refuses. Jim flicks the pink Oster clippers to life and cuts through the pony tails, then her very long sideburns. The clippers run over the side and back of her head. A smaller clippers cleans up her nape. Roxanne is dusted with a black duster, before the rest of her hair is wet down for cutting with a haircutting scissors. "Oh, wow, it feels really light in the back!" Roxanne remarks as the comb runs through her hair.Long strands hit the floor, as Roxanne talks about the benefits of short hair. Jim uses a thinning sheers on the remaining hair, and then turns on the Oster clippers one last time for the undercut. When Jim is done, it's time for Roxanne to see her new style...as there are no mirrors in the studio. How do you think she reacted? Roxanne takes ice cold hair gel and slicks back her hair with a comb. She rocks this clippered undercut. Intertwined in this video, are three models doing various hair things.