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Corona - Eine große Verschwörung?



Nora Zoglauer (Self - Narrator, Interviewer and Investigator)Peter Resetarits (Self - Introducer)Christian Fiala (Self - Interviewee)Holm Hümmler (Self - Kernphysiker und Autor)


Nora Zoglauer



Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, people all over Austria have taken to the streets to demonstrate. The vaccination is rejected on their banners and claims that Corona is nothing more than the flu. Many believe that a great world conspiracy is taking place and that a global fascist system should be established. These conspiracy myths have been in bloom since the beginning of the corona pandemic and are spreading rapidly, especially on the Internet. Since the lockdown, people have spent a lot of time in front of their computers. In alternative, often highly professional media channels, a planned and controlled pandemic is reported. You can read that all politicians are puppets of a secret elite that wants to decimate the world's population. Millions of people believe this to be the truth. They are addicted to a mixture of fear of the future and loss of control, saving themselves in conspiracy theories that provide simple explanations for a complicated world. ORF journalist Nora Zoglauer met these people and listened to their problems and asked psychologists as well as experts about the phenomenon.