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Dead End Falls

1h 30m


Gouzalia Van Mater (Sasha)Cal Giardina (Robert)Khadizhat Nurbagandova (Victoria)Paul Teodo (Lenny)Oliver Finn (Michael)Alina Bolshakova (Natasha)Andrew Crandall (Leroy)Gary Dikeos (Slitch)Carolyn Kavanagh (Michelle)Tom Kilman (Sara)Chris Hammel (Body Guard)Damon Dayoub (Dominick)Morgan Farris (Samantha)Joanne Chew (Kim)Alla Zayets (Sofia)Rachel Reyes (Rachel)Samantha Belén (Sam)Ana Lopes (Anne)


Gouzalia Van Mater



The desert heat rises as a Russian girl named Sasha swears to protect her friend Victoria's secrets while having a few of her own. Michael, a private business owner, will do anything to stop information linking him to the illegal operation. Seemingly in love, Sasha takes her private affair into a desert getaway. Sasha realizes that her love affair with Lenny was not opportune and he leaves her for dead in the midst of the desert sand, and she will discover that trust is a matter of perception. In a tale of twisted love affairs and lies, Sasha must find a way to reveal the truth about who she thought she was and risk it all to save those she have never met.