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How's Doves' Cry



Katia Atkinson (Horatio Farmer)David Edgemon (Romero Esperanza)


David Edgemon



WHO COULD'VE DONE THIS TERRIBLE MURDER? That's the question asked by Horatio that kicks off on the outset on this movie, How's Doves' Cry. In this movie (motion picture), it is a doggie dog world. That why When Detective Horatio Farmer (Katia Atkinson) finds her friend innocent Doves Amber (Sasha James) dead on Horatio's way to her offices, and then we find out in the next scene that the sinister and sensual Bartholomew (David Edgemon) and his (Bartholomew's) accomplice Jared (Sasha James) is the cause of the murder. Horatio swears to get revenge on whoever did this terrible murder because she has been angry and at the death of her friends, Doves. Than it's up to Horatio Farmer (the main character of this movie) to stop Bartholomew and Jared using her quick action and width. I bet your wandering what will happen at the end of this movie, but if you watch all of it, you saw it, and then known. This movie is excellent, packed with action and stunt, romance, jokes, science-fiction, western, and more. So please watch this movie, and get ready for the adventure of a live time.