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I Do... I Did!

1h 32m


Cherie Johnson (Vivian)Marcus Patrick (Marcus)April Scott (Jenny)Antwon Tanner (Tone)Shar Jackson (Candy)Obba Babatundé (Mr. Johnson)Gwendoline Yeo (Dr. Wong)Jazsmin Lewis (Dr. Jazmine)Teck Holmes (Teck)E'Lon Cox (Willie)Ross Jordan (Ross)Jordan Ross (Ross)Vicki Browder Johnson (Nurse Lynn)Brooklyn Cox (Baby in Hospital)Lina Gatineau-Elder (Bridesmaid #2)Kirkaldy Myers (Reverend Miller)Candy Richardz ((Self - Guest))Brenda Vivian (Bridesmaid #1)


J. Jesses Smith



Vivian thought she had it all as she married the man of her dreams but on her way to the honeymoon things went south as she was struck by a vehicle and was in a coma for 3 years plenty of time for her husband to move on to Jenny the second woman he is about to marry but as he goes to take poor Viv the divorce papers after he took her off his life support a year and a half ago he was very sure of his new life that is till Vivian wakes up now he has to deal with pleasing Jenny and falling in love with Vivian all over again who will he choose Vivian or Jenny or will it be to late as one of them moves on but is it the one he loves or lust.