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Keyboard Commandos Must Die

1h 28m


Doug Maguire (John Brown the Abolitionist)Montagraph (Roy Warren Marshall AKA Steve Quest)Harry Abner (MrDarkZodiak)Tracy Gaughan (UKTROLL)Forrest Jamison (Victor Fawkes)Peter Anthony Simonetti (Siciliano King)


Doug Maguire



Eight of the worst keyboard commandos tirelessly troll the internet year after year, both day and night. A bounty kill-list (put together as a joke) refers to the gang of misfits as 'The Tarantino Eight' crew. These eight keyboard commandos are loosely connected rejects from around the United States and made up of the following account handles: justinwoolee, Stackpot, Vonhelton, ColCasperUK, WolfgangPSS, Montagraph, Agent19 and John Brown the Abolitionist. Countless lives were lost or taken for their own personal amusement. All of the eight refuse to correct their wicked ways. And even if they did, The Tarantino Eight have been running amok online for far too long. Their trail of fail is far and wide. MrDarkZodiak and Victor Fawkes, a dynamic duo of death and destruction, have a solution: target the worst of the trolls known on the inner-webs (The Tarantino Eight), locate each one in person and find out how tough they really are - in the flesh.