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Lost in Papua

1h 40m


Fanny Fabriana (Nadia)Fauzi Baadila (David)Piet Pagau (Kakek Nadia)Didi Petet (Pak Wijaya)Edo Borne (Rangga)Petrus Taro GerzeFahrani (Kayla)


Irham Acho Bahtiar



In the deep jungle of Papua, Rangga (Edo Borne) and his team is on a mission to explore possible mining opportunities in the area. They do not realize they have entered a restricted area known as RKT 2000. Not long after that the team members are found missing one by one. Three years later, Nadia (Fanny Fabriana), who is former fiance of Rangga, has still not forgotten the incident at Papua. David (Fauzi Baadilla), who used to be dumped by Nadia is not giving up his pursuit of chasing her. Nadia ignores David and decides to accept an assignment to Papua that is given by his boss, Mr. Wijaya(Didi Petet), who is Davids father. Nadia departs for Papua and brings along a souvenir from his grandfather (Piet Pagau) to the head of Korowai tribe, who had saved his life previously. This is also the first time Nadia visited Papua and she falls in love with its natural surroundings. However, Nadia still could not forget the mysterious disappearance of Rangga. The journey to the Korowai tribe village is not simple, and Nadia with her friends has to endure obstacles along the way. Eventually they manage to reach a primitive village where all their villagers are females. She is trying to ask them about Rangga. Can she find Rangga alive from these tribe?