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Mia zoi

1h 17m


Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke (Self)Babis Bizas (Self)Konstadinos Despotopoulos (Self)Giannis Diakogiannis (Self)Aggelina DiamantiGiannis FertisDimitris KaravasilisGiorgos SkoutelasStefanos Zisis


Dinos Giotis



Life is a unique event and it only happens to us once. There is no turning back. What would I have done or not done, if I could turn back time? Which of my actions or oversights have I regretted? I wonder, did I live well or did I waste the amount of time given to me? Important people, sculpted over time and standing at the threshold of life, talk, freely at last, about the journey of their life and bestow, as a gift, the precious essence of their life. The almost distilled opinions of these people are dramaturgically included in the fictional part of the documentary. Where the journey of life on Earth unfolds through the narrator's voice, while we follow the course of a child alongside a small wooden boat: from the springs of a river to the mouth of the sea, corresponding to Man's voyage from birth to death.