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2h 6m


Adam Brown (Cathad Borelus 1)Ashley Carter (Jeila Borelus)Joshua Crowe (Bren Sartonah)Rebekah Forlines (Firah Delaine)Heath Henley (Filius Ramshock)Jared Mounts (Cathad Borelus 2)Erin Williams (Auxilia Geislen)Ben Campbell (Young Filius)Matthew Mouser (Young Cathad)David Snow (Young Bren)


Nathan Weidner



Parchegona is the name of the moon that orbits the planet Triunis, where the Creator lives. One side of the moon is in constant darkness, and those who live there know nothing of the Creator or His planet, which could only be seen from the other side. Those who live in the light used to gaze upon Triunis and worship the One who lives there. However, many years spent in developing technology to make their lives easier have resulted in a heavy cloud of pollution, which hides the face of the Creator's planet above. The people who live in the light used to venture back to the dark side to bring people back with them, but as time passed they became indifferent and stopped going. Since they can no longer see Triunis above them, most doubt that it ever existed, and few hold to the belief that there is a Creator of Parchegona. We follow the lives of six young people who are growing up in this society. We experience their struggles as they seek to discern what is true and what the truth means for them as they venture out into life.