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Rica 3: Juvenile Lullabay

1h 25m


Rika Aoki (Rica the Amerasian)Jiro Kawarazaki (Gorô)Taiji Tonoyama (Shimamura)Kotoe Hatsui (Director of the Juvenile Training School for Girls)Reiko Kasahara (Okyô of Kuchinawa)Masami Souda (Tornado Oman)Yoshie Ichige (Jun)Eiko FukazawaShôji ÔkiTamotsu Tamura (Captain)Mikio ShimizuYasuo ArakawaKayo Hirai (Fishing-hook Ofuji)Junko Tazawa (Arsonist Oshichi)Taeko Kurihara (Pickpocket Ohama)Teruka KobikiYoko AkatsuKoichi Yanagihara


Kôzaburô Yoshimura



Reform schools are a way of protecting society by ridding it of lawless juvenile delinquents. But who's protecting the juvenile delinquents from corrupt reform schools? Rica could be considered a bit of an expert on reform schools, having spent most of her early life in and out of them. When Rica is dragged back once again, she gets a severe beating and is finally sent off to a mental hospital with the intention of selling her and her pals into a slave trade. A trader takes Rica's friend Jun to a mountain cottage where she's pegged for the lead in his clandestine porno film operation. Once again, it's up to tough-as-nails Rica to bust up this corrupt racket once and for all.