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Taif Al-Madina

1h 45m


Majdi Machmouchi (Rami)Christine Choueiri (Siham)Ammar Shalak (Older Friend)Ahmed Azzein (Abu Samir)Rami Bayram (Young Rami)Sarah Mrad (Yasmine)Ahmed Itani (Friend)Toni Maalouf (Nadim)


Jean Khalil Chamoun



12-year-old Rami moves from South Lebanon to Beirut with his family to escape the Israeli bombings. In the city he befriends a few local children and falls in love with his neighbor Yasmine. However, the horrors of war catch up with him when the civil war erupts. His friend is murdered in cold blood; he gets separated from Yasmine when her family moves away to escape the war; and his father gets kidnapped by the militia. Despite his opposition to violence and warfare, Rami finds himself signing up to be a militia fighter for a different faction, in a bid to find his father. He meets Siham, a young mother whose husband was kidnapped; in spite of the obstacles in her way, she is determined to find her husband. When his fellow militia fighters capture a prisoner and decide to kill him, Rami must make a choice between his humanity and his allegiance to his faction, in a war that has pitted him against his own friend.