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The Two Mischievous Boys



Gavin Freeman (Rambo Meh'Up)Landon Hofer (Gunner King)


Owen Fink



Two young smart/mischievous minded boys enter the same restaurant one day at the same time not knowing each other. Soon "Gunner King" ends up going to the bathroom after a couple Sodas only to realize a pool table in the back, so he gets to playing with it then Rambo Meh'Up pops up outta nowhere and accidentally shoots a ball outta nowhere knocking Gunner unconscious. So quickly Rambo loads him up in his wagon thinking he's dead and takes him home to find him not dead but finding that out after he Gunner is buried alive half way underground. So Rambo digs him back up and apologized. The boys got to talking after they apologized for theirs mistakes earlier that's day, but the two didn't know that they were gonna end up being best friends and little evil hell raisers. As time went on they got to know each other more and more and only learned one thing together, how to raise a lot of trouble and they take you on an incredible journey through all the trouble they went through to be best friends and maintain a healthy relationship.