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Three Women

1h 34m


Niki Karimi (Minou)Pegah Ahangarani (Pegah)Babak Hamidian (Pesar)Reza Kianian (Rafi)Maryam Boubani (Grandmother)Atila Pesiani (Masrour)Shahrokh Foroutanian (Amir)Saber Abar (Hamed)Nazanin Ahmadi (Grandmother's youth)Mehran Rajabi (Azizkhani)Setareh Pesyani (Setareh)Ahmad Yavari Shad (Grocery store seller)Seyyed Mehrdad Ziaei (Director of the Carpet Museum)Masume Eskandari (Khale Monir)Shiva Ebrahimi (Young woman on the street)Shahrzad Kamalzadeh (Roya)Ahmad Sa'atchian (Carpet buyer)Satenik Babakhanian (Madam)


Manijeh Hekmat



Forty-something single mother Minoo is a product of the Islamic Revolution, a generation of women repressed by changes in law under the new Islamic Republic. Her daughter Pegah is a rebellious youth, part of a generation in search of an identity they're yet to find. Together they live with Minoo's mother - three women of three different generations, living in the past, present and future. When Pegah takes off on an existential journey, Minoo realizes she needs to reconnect her fracturing family, and sets out to find Pegah - encountering a myriad of Tehran characters, including an improvisational indie rock band. Things take a turn for the worse when she loses her mother along the way.