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What Love Feels Like

5h 40m


Jeffery Akins (Keyboardist)Nailah Ali (Audience Member)DeJuan Austin (Audience Member)Sheila Avery (Audience Member)Chianti Bennett (Audience Member)Chaquez Blackwell (Audience Member)Hawanya Blakely (Audience Member)Sheri Blakely (Audience Member)Tanisha Blakely (Audience Member)Ty Bullock (Audience Member)Bryan Cheatem (Audience Member)Benjala Cotten (Male Background Singer)Michelle Cureton (Audience Member)Karen D. Davis (Audience Member)Alexei Dolgin (Audience Member)Nichole Doss (Friend)Malcolm Flex (Audience member)Laila Green (Audience Member)


Robyn l Charles, Teamjohnhill



Robyn Charles is a single mother in the city of Chicago, with dreams of making it in music business. Love has not been kind to her. That is, until she's spotted by a young man (known for being a womanizer) during a local performance. While promoting her upcoming musical debut, he bumps into her at the local record store where she finally notices him, noticing her. After an odd exchange between them, and a harsh phone call from her ex, there may be hope for her love life after all. During her performance, she notices a familiar face in the audience and is stunned by his presence, but not as much as his direct approach. With hopes that he'll share an intimate night of passion, he surprises her with an extraordinary display of nobility, confirming her desires to finally learn what it truly feels like to be loved.