A little-known, tacked-on provision to the Patriot Act set aside money for what's known as "infiltration marketing," an insidious type of reverse-psychology propaganda. Aware that anti-drug campaigns were essentially worthless in the face of Hollywood's "cool" depictions of drug use, the government decided to fund music and movies that would glorify drug use–the twist being that the youth of America would find the users so repulsively uncool, they wouldn't want to imitate their behavior.

Either that, or some ridiculous pseudo hippies called HannaH*s Field–that'd be HannaH (a.k.a. "Psychedelic Woman") and Andy "Gypsy Rasta" Ardenski–made a song and video about how awesome weed is. She makes a good case ("helps the blind / rocks DJs to rhyme on time" and "good in da brownie, rice krispie treat / groovin', dancin' in bare feet"), and you'll have this thing stuck in your head all weekend. Watch it. Seriously. (No, that's not David Cross on bongos. And no, this is not a joke.