(Photo: Warren Little/Getty Images)

Get Out director Jordan Peele’s Twitter game has been unsurprisingly on-point of late; earlier this month, he smashed through the arguments around the genre classification for his breakout film with a cutting Get Out is a documentary.” Now, he’s taking aim at Donald Trump and some of his celebrity buddies, courtesy of a painfully apt reference to his own hit film.

In case you hadn’t heard, Trump’s celebrating Black Friday by going on golf vacation today—again—with a couple of big-name buddies, including golf superstar Tiger Woods. (Reportedly, Woods and Trump have previously collaborated on attempts to build a golf course together.) And while the two men have golfed together before—and Woods also played with Barack Obama, back in The Before Times—it hasn’t stopped people from freaking out about it, especially after Trump tweeted about the game earlier today. Amid all the hysterics, though, Peele summed the general vibe up with a few simple words (as usual):