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Louis C.K.'s Reddit interview was just like getting pissed on, according to Taiwanese animators

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday’s impromptu, Reddit-hosted Q&A session from Louis C.K. was many things—a rare unfiltered interaction between artist and audience, a plug for his latest comedy special, a tease for a movie that he’s probably actually going to have to make now—but somehow we never considered that it was a lot like Louis C.K. pulling down his pants then peeing a hot, golden stream of answers into the gleeful, giggling faces of his fans. That’s probably because we are not NMA.TV, the Taiwanese animation house that can look at a dull story like NBC’s languishing ratings and see decapitated Playboy bunnies and giant lemon-toting samurais, and who have here imagined C.K.’s Reddit session as a piss-soaked phantasmagoria—though in illustrating the comic’s metaphor about a money monster who shits dollars into his mouth, this easily counts as the most literal NMA.TV episode yet. (It’s also probably the best Louis C.K. has ever looked.)