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Mac DeMarco shares bizarre VR music video for “This Old Dog”

Indie-rock goofball Mac DeMarco recently premiered a new music video for his song “This Old Dog,” the title track off of his latest album. It’s not just another wacky short film starring DeMarco himself, though. Made in partnership with Pitchfork, artist Rachel Rossin, and a production company called Inception, the video for “This Old Dog” is a surreal virtual-reality trip through a shape-shifting, vaguely vaporwave world. And oh yeah, it stars a horrifying CGI dog who has DeMarco’s head for a nose.


The video uses YouTube’s 360-degree playback, which means it can be viewed without a VR headset. If you’re watching on a smartphone, it’ll track how you tilt and turn the screen to change your view of the psychedelic landscape, and if you’re on a computer, you can use your mouse to pan around and take in the sights. But to get the full experience of going up close and personal with all this primitive CGI and flying Escheresque architecture, you’re going to want a VR rig—and, let’s face it, some recreational drugs.

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