Hey you guys,

I don't generally indulge in "Hey, look at this crazy clip I done found on the internet" blog posts (not that there's anything wrong with them) but while dicking around Youtube recently in search of Stephen Colbert hilariosity, I stumbled upon a clip so jarring, so utterly horrifying, so inhumanly, inconceivably awful that I just had to punish you all by sharing it. It should be noted, however, that upon seeing this clip you can never unsee it. There is some serious cognitive dissonance involved in watching one of the funniest people alive engage in two and a half minutes of the least funny shit, ever.

Like a lot of Stephen Colbert super-fans I like to imagine that Colbert can be funny in any context. But is there a more comedy-killing context than busting a hastily improvised, avalanche-themed rap alongside Wayne Brady on Who's Line Is It Anyway? Or appearing a late-period Mike Myers movie (I'm looking hard and mean at you, Love Guru?)


On his eponymous show Colbert has proven a decent-enough singer during semi-regular duets with guests despite being deaf in one ear. I'm particularly fond of John Legend and Colbert fighting over the Statue of Liberty while singing "The Girl Is Mine". Rapping? Not so much. Brady straight schooled him, son.

Colbert's penchant for crooning reminds me of a Mishima anecdote included in the big "Mishima" DVD. Apparently Mishima was asked to sing the theme song to a film he starred in. He was completely tone-deaf but he trained diligently and through sheer force of will was able to sing a passable version of the film's theme song in just a week. So there may be hope for Colbert's rap skillz yet, especially if he's willing to work with a rap tutor. I hear that much of the Funky Bunch and Stray Kat Mob are currently available and hungry for work of any kind.