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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Remember back in our 2013 Winter Movie Preview when we mocked the Gerard Butler action movie Olympus Has Fallen for not having a trailer or any available publicity info yet, just two months from release? As usual, Hollywood scrambled to rectify its mistakes once we pointed them out, so a trailer was just released. The film has been heavily touted as “Die Hard in the White House,” due to a plot that has Butler as a disgraced Secret Service agent hiding within the building, scrambling around killing the terrorists who’ve captured the place and taken President Aaron Eckhart hostage. Though actually, the trailer looks more like “Independence Day with Koreans instead of aliens.” It’s heavy on the CGI smash-’em-up, with national monuments aplenty getting shot, smashed, or 'sploded. Check it out.

As for us, we’ll move on to mocking White House Down for not having a trailer yet. The Roland Emmerich film isn’t due until June 2013, but it has a very similar plot, except with Channing Tatum killing White House invaders to save President Jamie Foxx. FilmDistrict moved Olympus Has Fallen from a planned 2014 release date to April 2013, then to March, in order to be the first White House Die Hard movie out of the gate. It looks like the filmmakers might have actually achieved that goal: Now that Olympus has a trailer, it looks like a film that’s actually coming out, instead of an imaginary film a bunch of Ferengi-like producers claimed they were making, so they could yell, “We totally thought of that first!”


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