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Paranormal Activity 4

Thankfully stopping the reverse-chronological trajectory of Paranormal Activity 3 before it resorted to murky figures half-glimpsed in kinescopes, Parafourmal 4ctivifour (note: not technically called that) returns the now-immortal, immutable franchise to the present day, taking full advantage of the supernatural Skype sessions that would imply. Beyond having new technology to film shadows with, this fourth chapter also injects some fresh life by introducing new characters to say, "What was that?!" with all-new inflections, this time focusing on a single mom and her teenaged daughter, who have the misfortune of living next to the original's still-possessed Katie, and what appears to be her kidnapped, now-spooky-toddler-aged nephew from the second film. For those who demand storytelling integrity in their movies about lights flickering on and off, it seems this fourth edition should prove satisfying, sustaining the series' continuity well into next year's inevitable sequel and all the haunted iPhone Facetime conversations it promises. Watch the blurriness in HD at iTunes.


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