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Paul Rudd reveals his greatest talent: Making every photo look like it has a butt

There are many flavors of Paul Rudd Charming—Nice Paul, Laid-Back Paul, Tayne, etc. And yet we have to express our particular appreciation for Mischievous Paul Rudd, a.k.a. the version of the Ant-Man actor who shows up every time on Conan, complete with trusty Mac And Me clip in tow. Or, say, who takes especial delight at taking a picture of one of his celebrity friends, and making it look like said picture contains a butt.


Rudd revealed this talent—previously hinted at in a Larry King interview with his old pal Judd Apatow—on First We Feast’s beloved capsaicin-based talk show Hot Ones this week, along with the usual host of questions about his career and comments about how, dang, that hot sauce is very hot. The revelation clearly blows host Sean Evans’ mind—”Whoa! You got a ball sack in there!” he delightedly proclaims at one point—even as he basks in wisdom like “I learned my pinkie, at the right angle, makes a great scrotum.”

It’s all incredibly immature—”I have thousands of those,” Rudd cheerfully notes—but in a particularly dedicated, harmless kind of way that comes off as perfectly on-brand. The art lesson kicks in at 16:26 in the above video, although you’ll be missing out on some of Rudd’s impromptu acting, as well as the moment when he declares “Fuck that guy” in response to Guy Fieri, if you don’t watch the entire thing.