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Redman's fine with not being in the How High sequel, for it is not as God intended

Redman and Method Man in 2004
Redman and Method Man in 2004
Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

How High broke no box office records when it hit theaters in 2001, nor did it turn rappers Redman and Method Man into Hollywood A-listers. It did, however, feel distinctly theirs, so it was something of a shock to learn that MTV’s upcoming sequel wouldn’t feature either of the franchise’s original stars, despite the movie’s protagonist apparently being the younger brother of either Red or Meth’s character (it’s not clear which). Instead, it will star Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly as a pair of “potrepreneurs” who embark “on a magical hash-fueled journey to fund their on-demand munchies delivery start-up.”


Redman addressed the sequel in a new interview on the Grass Routes podcast, saying that he was never even contacted by MTV. He’s not bitter, though, because he’s “just following the path” and, if he were intended to star in a How High sequel, God would have made it so.

Here’s his full comments on the sequel:

Long story short is that me and Meth was not aware that they were doing this transaction with the movie. I’m not mad at Yachty or DC Fly — like I said, it has nothing to do with them. And I’m not even upset because God always places things in the right position anyway; I’m just following the path…But my thing is when you have a brand, like Red and Meth, that kind of helped built and created this entity of How High and shooting a movie on How High — I mean, marijuana and being in college. Those were all our ideas. And when the new deal came about, we wasn’t involved in it.

It’s a bummer, too, especially as Method Man has since blossomed into a legitimately great actor with his stints on The Wire and, currently, The Deuce  

Listen to Redman’s full podcast appearance below:

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