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Social Network director extremely uninterested in social networks

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All of you clamoring to @RealDavidFincher and let him know that, actually, Alien 3 is better than it had any right to be will now have to face up to reality. The director and producer has issued news that he will not, in fact, be joining any social network in the near future.

Shared on noted social media website Instagram by Never Let Me Go and One Hour Photo director Mark Romanek, Fincher responded to a redirected appeal for him to join the ranks of the hyperconnected with a terse, one-line shut-down.


With no breaks between subject and body text, the “Sent from my iPad” tag prominently displayed, Fincher’s reply makes it very clear that not only does he not intend to use social media, but that he rejects the rules of decorum that govern online communication entirely.

While Fincher’s choice is probably the right one, considering how much Twitter and Facebook suck even for normal people without a devoted fanbase, it’s pleasantly ironic coming from the director of films like Gone Girl, Zodiac, Seven, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—films wherein small communities end up networking in order to accomplish their goals.

Oh, also, he directed The Social Network. Maybe digging around in how the social sausage is made has something to do with a standing aversion to taking part in it.

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