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British character actor Toby Jones has made a carer out of playing odd little men in films from Orlando to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But for Kaleidoscope, a new psychological thriller directed by Jones’ brother Rupert, Toby returns to the trippy art-horror well from which he drew one of his most acclaimed roles, that of mild-mannered sound engineer Gilderoy in Berberian Sound Studio. This time around, though, Jones is playing a more sinister character: That of Carl, an ex-convict driven to murder and madness by his overbearing mother (Anne Reid).

Thanks to our friends at IFC Midnight, The A.V. Club is proud to exclusively debut the trailer for Kaleidoscope—which debuts on December 8, 2017—above. You can also check out the poster for the film, which builds on the creepy Peeping Tom vibe of the trailer, below.


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