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We are aware that the Candwich sandwich-in-a-can exists

The way our inboxes lit up the other day, you would've thought some celebrity went on a racist rant that was then made readily available on the Internet. ("STOP BEING THAT!")

But no, this rush of e-mails and Tweets had to do with an article at eater.com about a product called the Candwich. As the name suggests, it's a sandwich in a can—an unusual conveyance for a sandwich, we can all agree. The article even mentioned The A.V. Club's Taste Test of the cheeseburger in a can, which is a day we'd actually just as soon forget. Part of the Candwich fuss had to do with a New York Times article about alleged fraud in the Candwich business, having to do with an investor who was supposed to be putting people's money into real estate, but instead, umm, used it to develop canned sandwiches.


ANYWAY, what these articles either fail to convey completely or just sorta gloss over is that Candwich is not yet available. Thus we cannot Taste Test its marvelous flavors—strawberry PB&J, grape PB&J, and BBQ Chicken. (Apparently promised in the future: Pepperoni Pizza and French Toast varieties.) But fear not, friends of AVC who so nicely e-mailed to make us aware of this product: We have e-mailed Mark One Foods, who promptly replied that they'd get us samples as soon as they have some. And they told us we'd be surprised. Keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds at the ready.

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