How can the same shit happen to the same guy five times, with slight variations on the nationality of the villain and changes in the scenery, plus incremental decreases in the amount of profanity to obtain a wider audience? Perhaps it's because, as Bruce Willis smirks here in his only line of dialogue, John McClane is basically "the James Bond of Plainfield, New Jersey" now, endowed with the same superhuman ability to survive action sequences that escalate in violence in direct proportion to his increasing age, and somehow get caught up in the same level of international intrigue despite his just being an "ordinary cop." In this case, it's a rogue Russian leader escaping from Russian prison that commands McLane's attention, as he's drawn overseas by his estranged son to take part in all the blowing stuff up along the streets of Moscow. This is just a teaser trailer, so stuff blowing up is mostly all you'll see here (aside from a very memorable scene involving a Russian woman slinking out of her leather catsuit, one that hopefully hints at the franchise's return to an R rating), but all the explanations of what stuff that is and why it's blowing up can come later.