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Duncan Jones shows off Paul Rudd's futuristic mustache in this trailer for Mute

Everyone involved in director Duncan Jones’ Netflix movie Mute has been appropriately quiet about the whole thing, with basically the only confirmed details being that it stars Alexander Skarsgård as a mute bartender trying to find his missing girlfriend in a slightly futuristic Berlin. This new trailer won’t provide very many additional information, but it does give us something just as good: Paul Rudd’s enormous mustache. Some futuristic stories are stuck in a version of tomorrow that owes a lot to the ‘50s or the ‘80s, but Rudd’s doing some high-tech ‘70s stuff with that bushy caterpillar on his face and his stylish (?) shirts.

Jones teased in 2016 that Mute would have some kind of connection to his 2009 debut Moon, and while this trailer doesn’t give any hints as to what that connection might be, Moon star Sam Rockwell does supposedly make an appearance in Mute.


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