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Paranoia Tapes 5: Rewind

1h 17m


Jennifer Nangle (Sasha (Segment "Sasha's Garage" "Helen Rogers" "Sasha's Story"))Lara Jean Mummert-Sullivan (Emma (Segment "Sasha's Story"))Max Gideon (Henry (Segment "Sasha's Garage"))Thomas Haley (Demonic Henry)Jack Hunter II (Henry)Charles Chudabala (Jimmy (Segment "Sasha's Garage"))Cody Tudor (Uncle Sol)Steven 'Scuba Steve' Vasquez (Tony)James Craigmiles (James (Segment "Autumn"))Sonya James (Victim (segment "The Witch Murders"))Wesley Villeneuve ((segment "Interview of Emily Caterman"))Damien Anthony Vasquez (Demon 3 (segment "The Witch Murders"))Jimmy Villarreal (Demon 2 (segment "The Witch Murders"))Clayton Harries (Demon 1 (segment "The Witch Murders"))Katie Keating (Helen Rogers (segment "Helen Rodgers"))Nikki Vizcaino (Helena (Segment "Sasha's Story"))Vadim Pringels ((segment "Interview of Emily Caterman"))Joke Eyckerman ((segment "Interview of Emily Caterman"))


James Craigmiles, Jennifer Nangle, Thomas Haley, Christopher Ambriz, Jack Hunter II, Steven Daemers



Sasha, Henry's sister is in search of him. With seeing the video of her brother beating a girl senseless, she is out to prove the video is fake. She believes that the footage, that she received from an unknown source, holds clues to the whereabouts of her brother. She enlists the help of her friend and also her audience who's she is streaming LIVE online, to see if in fact there are any hidden clues within the videos. With each link she plays, the creepier the videos get. Will she find the answers to the whereabouts of her brother, or will the videos send her straight down into a long deep hole of paranoia? Introducing newcomer actor, Cody Tudor as Uncle Sol.