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Ah, the tweetstorm—the last refuge of the person who has something urgent to say, whether it’s denouncing the serial abuser who’s in the highest government office or just slamming Porgs, that simply cannot be summed in 140 to 280 characters. It is by no means an efficient way of getting something off your chest, what with the inclusions of all the “1 of 20” and such, but oftentimes, there is vital information being shared (just rarely when the storm’s point of origin is the president’s bathroom).

Well, Recode reports that, rather than let tweetstorms naturally occur under the right meteorological conditions, like a blockbuster movie premiere or the threat of nuclear annihilation, Twitter is launching a new feature that will let you link up all your thoughts on The Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok—no “part 1 of x” needed. Basically, your barrage of tweets will no longer be presented as just a shit-ton of replies to yourself, but will be displayed as the far more respectable “thread.” People browsing their timelines will then be able to click “show this thread” to see the rest of your treatise on why men are trash (something you can’t do Facebook).


Apparently, Twitter had been testing this feature for months, but rolled it out on Tuesday. If you don’t currently find yourself with the ability to fire off 20 tweets on Christmas music, though, relax because Twitter tells Recode that Apple, Android, and Twitter desktop users will have it in “the coming weeks.”

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