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Tessa Thompson's Thor: Ragnarok character is the 1st openly bisexual one in the MCU films

(Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images)

Most people who watched Tessa Thompson gracefully but forcefully cut her way across the Thor: Ragnarok teasers have come away with a good impression of the Creed star’s portrayal of Valkyrie. Then there are the dinguses for whom 2D boobs will never be big enough, who think anything other than wasp-figured superheroes are “sexless tomboys,” and gripe about it on Twitter for all to see.


We see, quick-witted women don’t count as cool. Got it. Anyway, after a fan defended Thompson’s depiction by noting that Valkyrie was a “big ole lesbian” in the comics and wouldn’t care what a guy who keeps a drawing of the character on hand would think, the actress chimed in to clarify that the sword-wielding Asgardian is actually bisexual.

Thompson’s presumably referring to the Fearless Defenders’ Valkyrie, who’s bisexual in that series. But the other key thing here is that the actress makes it clear that she’s playing Valkyrie that way in the film, which would make her the first openly bisexual character in the MCU (Jeri Hogarth of Jessica Jones being the first openly gay character). This also makes Valkyrie the first openly LGBTQ character


As exciting as this is, early reports on Ragnarok indicate that Valkyrie doesn’t romance anyone in the movie. And if you were already ’shipping Valkyrie and Hela, Thompson has some bad news for you:


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