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Greta Gerwig wants to make at least 4 more movies centered on Lady Bird's Sacramento

Photo: Merie Wallace (A24)

Look, everybody knows at this point that you haven’t really made it until you’ve got one of those fancy cinematic universes, filled to the brim with cameos and after-credit scenes and wiki pages keeping meticulous track of the status of Samuel L. Jackson’s eye patch. So who can blame Greta Gerwig—currently nominated for Best Director at the Oscars for her recent coming-of-age hit Lady Bird—for wanting to get in on that densely mythologic action?

Not that Gerwig intends to shove a couple of Infinity Stones into her gentle teen dramedy, mind you (or even revisit the life of Lady Bird McPherson, necessarily). Rather, it’s her home town of Sacramento, California that’s got Gerwig interested. The director recently told Vanity Fair that she’s hoping to make a cycle of films set in the California capital, settling on a quartet as a good, even number. “There’s still lots of different parts of Sacramento that I’d like to explore, too,” she told interviewers. “I feel like I have the privilege of being from a place, and I’m really from that place. My family’s still there, and my friends are still there. I feel like I can actually speak to it with some feeling.” 


Despite Lady Bird’s own teenage judgment of it as a place divorced from real culture—like New Hampshire—the city has embraced the film’s affectionate eye on it. There are walking tours of the city devoted to the film, showcasing sites like Thrift Town, or the big blue house that serves as Lady Bird’s dream home, and the city’s tourism board have called the film “a little gem that drops out of the sky.” 

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