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Reassuring fans of his particular brand of bullet-based justice that Frank Castle’s never-ending war on crime will, indeed, stay never-ending as hell, Netflix announced today that it’s granting a second season to its Jon Bernthal-starring Marvel action series The Punisher. The streaming service made the announcement today via Twitter, employing a “time to reload” metaphor to do so, on the off-chance that anyone might have forgotten that The Punisher is the man who shoots the guns.


The first season of the series dropped on Netflix less than a month ago, taking an in-depth look at this version of the character, which first originated in the second season of Daredevil. The series ended with some vague hints that Castle might be able to pull out of his death spiraling battle with the criminal underworld; we can’t imagine those baby steps toward mental health will stick around for long, though, if only because people don’t tune into a show called The Punisher to watch a guy attend support groups and, ya know, not punish people all the time.

[via Deadline]

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