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Octavia Spencer to star in a horror movie from the director of The Help

(Photo: Getty Images, Jason Merritt)

2011's The Help was already kind of a horror show, so it’s appropriate that its director Tate Taylor is reuniting with star Octavia Spencer for a more overt horror movie. That’s according to Deadline, which says Spencer has signed on to star in Taylor’s Ma from the modern horror masters at Blumhouse Productions. Deadline says details about the plot are “sparse,” but Ma is reportedly about a “lonely woman” who befriends a group of cool teenagers “with torurous consequences for the kids.” Basically, it sounds like the moral of Ma is going to be that old people are scary and should be avoided, which is always a good lesson to pass on to new generations of teens. Also, Deadline doesn’t say if Ma is a prequel to Mama, but maybe they’re saving that reveal for a Split-style twist.

Other than Spencer, Ma will star Juliette Lewis, Luka Evans, and a number of young people.


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