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Production on House Of Cards to resume with a new focus on Claire Underwood

Photo: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

[NOTE: This Newswire discusses plot points from the season five finale of House Of Cards. Proceed accordingly.]

House Of Cards appeared to be done for good after production shut down indefinitely last month amidst the fallout of sexual misconduct allegations made against its star, Kevin Spacey. Today, though, Netflix president Ted Sarandos says the show will proceed with plans for its sixth and final season, utilizing a fix that’s been blindingly obvious since the beginning of this whole horrifying affair: Just make the show about Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood instead. As TVLine points out, the transition was foreshadowed at the end of the show’s fifth season with Claire being installed as POTUS anyway, so all the show has to do is kill Frank offscreen and it can get back to scheming, really.


Production on the eight-episode final season of House Of Cards will resume after the new year.

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