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Terry Crews is also a pretty great artist, in case you'd forgotten

(Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images)

God bless Terry Crews, a guy who can bring endless positivity to everything from acting and sports, to waging a campaign against the ugly specter of toxic masculinity. Crews—who’s been making headlines lately mostly through his participation in the #MeToo campaign, calling for change from his fellow men after a powerful Hollywood agent groped him during a party last year—is one of the people on the cover of Ad Age’s upcoming “Creativity 50” issue. He’s also, in case we’d needed a reminder of his polymathic talents, the issue’s cover artist, too.


As noted in the accompanying interview, Crews was an artist before he was ever a football star, entering college on an arts scholarship, and even doing paintings of fellow players in the NFL to make extra money. His cover for the Ad Age issue includes a self-portrait, along with sketches of a few of his other Creativity 50 honorees, like Rihanna, Stephen Colbert, and Melissa McCarthy.

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