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Two more Bill Cosby accusers have come forward

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Only a few weeks after former film executive Cindra Ladd provided detailed allegations that she was raped by Bill Cosby, two more women have come forward with depressingly familiar stories of the formerly beloved comedian drugging and assaulting them. The two women, Linda Brown and Lise-Lotte Lublin, are both former models, and they made their accusations official at a press conference today with civil rights attorney Gloria Allred—and for those keeping track, the total number of accusers is now over 30.


As reported by The Wrap, Brown says she met Cosby in 1969, shortly after appearing in a Wonderbra commercial. Her agent introduced her to Cosby when he was in town for a show, and he and Brown had dinner together. Cosby then offered her a ride home in his limo, but, allegedly, he insisted that they go to his hotel room first so he could—ugh—“give her a gift.” Brown says Cosby then offered her a drink—that he brought from another room—and after taking one sip, she blacked out. The next thing she knew, she was naked and in bed, with Cosby raping her. She says she “felt like a rag doll and like a real life blow-up doll for him.”

Lublin’s story is, of course, very similar. She met him through her modeling agency when she was 23 in 1989, and he eventually asked her to visit his hotel room in Las Vegas. Ostensibly, she was there for “an audition,” and Cosby offered her a shot of alcohol to make her more relaxed. She says she told him that she doesn’t drink, but seeing as how he was Bill Cosby, she didn’t see any reason not to trust him. “Within minutes,” Lublin says, she “became dizzy and disoriented.” She remembers Cosby petting her hair, and then she began to pass out. She saw flashes of rooms she didn’t recognize, and her next memory was of waking up at home, feeling like “several days had passed.”

According to USA Today, Lublin is now fighting to have the statute of limitations on sexual assault thrown out in Nevada. “Bill Cosby appears to think that rape is a joke,” she said, “Let me tell you something, Bill. I’m not laughing.” Lublin is planning to do everything she can to “change the law that protects criminals and re-victimizes the innocent.” Also, referring to the name of Cosby’s “Far From Finished” comedy tour, Gloria Allred added that, “He should know that we are also far from finished with him.”

As for Cosby, he’ll be immortalized in a new statue later this month. Unfortunately for him, it’s not the sort of statue anyone would want to be immortalized with.