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Unfortunately named DJ Ajit Pai is having a terrible time right now

Yesterday the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality rules in a vote led by FCC chairman Ajit Pai. Naturally, many people took to the internet to call Pai a shithead before Comcast gets around to charging them $5.99 for the privilege of doing so. Of course, as is the wont of angry internet mobs, some of the outrage is being directed at the wrong person, in this case a DJ named Ajit Pai from Goa, India.

As The Verge’s Megan Farokhmanesh reports, Ajit Pai, a DJ based in Goa, India, and seemingly a nice guy, has been receiving a deluge of hate on his Instagram page since yesterday’s FCC vote. If you can believe it, many people on the internet did not stop to confirm that @ajitpaiofficial was actually the FCC chairman’s Instagram account (it’s @ajitvpaifcc) before writing things like, “Anonymous and 300 million people are against you ... there’s no way you’d survive.” Some even seem to believe that the FCC chairman has decided to celebrate his victory over net neutrality by hitting the club.

(Screenshot: @ajitpaiofficial)

(Of course, it’s possible that Ajit Pai the DJ also has a running beef with Anonymous, perhaps somehow to do with his particular blend of hip-hop, moombahton, reggaeton, and trap music.)

While DJ Ajit Pai is currently just trying to enjoy Bling Friday at Club Tito’s, he’s been very understanding about the whole situation, responding to a defender, “Hey chill. Those aren’t for me. It’s for another Ajit Pai in America. They are all abusing him about net neutrality. Same name so many end up tagging wrong. That’s all. Read it all. It’s hilarious.”

Ajit Pai (the DJ) does, however, admit to his new detractors, “You were right about the fatass though.”


For the most part, it seems as though at this point people have figured out that @ajitpaiofficial is not an FCC commissioner, with many jumping to his defense in the comments of his latest posts. And while some people are suggesting that DJ Ajit Pai should legally change his name, he can take comfort in the fact that by the this time next week the Trump administration will surely have given us a brand new legislative abomination, and all-new villains to go with it.

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