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What awful realization made Jennifer Garner's blood run cold?

Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

Awards shows prime the mind for deep thoughts and revelations. “Why wasn’t I nominated?” one might wonder as the montages unfold. “Are these people truly my friends, or is that just an act, too?” you’ll think, smoothing out the folds of that gown. “Oh, my god, I didn’t hallucinate that scene in Three Billboards where Frances talked to a deer.”


Maybe Jennifer Garner just remembered which closet she left her Gucci pumps in when the actress experienced the moment of clarity seen in the above tweet, or maybe she was slipping into her subconscious, asking bigger, more relevant questions: “What’s the point of all this pageantry when our industry is revealing itself to be a cesspool of abuse and exploitation?” she might have pondered. Or, “Wait, did we all just applaud Mark Wahlberg donating his All the Money in the World reshoot salary to Time’s Up when he only did it after getting shamed online for a week?” Or, “So, Kobe gets a pass? How does this work?”

See, it’s fun to imagine which of the brain’s shifting cogs prompted such a distinct moment of revelation, and that’s exactly what Oscar viewers on Twitter did after watching the clip.


And, our personal favorite:


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