Fulfilling all those slave-torturing fantasies conjured by months of endless casting reports, here's the first teaser trailer for Django Unchained, which finds Quentin Tarantino taking a sobering look at race relations before blasting them with a shotgun. In case you somehow haven't absorbed all the plot points yet, it boils down to this: Bounty hunter Christoph Waltz promises to free Jamie Foxx's permanently sneering slave and rescue his wife from swanning Southern plantation owner Leonardo DiCaprio, provided Foxx helps him spray the fields with redneck blood. The trailer's rife with casually cool violence, James Brown-supplied swagger, and several lines that seem ready-made for quoting by both fans and the sort of people who think "reverse racism" is a thing. Should be fun!

[Embeds of the trailer have been disappearing all day, but Fandango has a permanent one in case the above gets yanked.]