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Explore the many easter eggs of Daredevil’s 2nd season

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The second season of Marvel’s Daredevil only recently premiered, and while some people have binged through it already and others are going at a slower pace, there’s a lot to catch within this show. As the show has expanded with new characters Elektra, The Punisher, and many others, so too has it expanded with its many references and easter eggs to other Marvel properties.


Mr Sunday Movies previously pored over Jessica Jones to find many shout-outs to other Marvel characters and creations, and now he has done similarly with a new video about the latest season of Daredevil. Some are obvious, some are stretches, but most reveal a deep understanding and appreciation for the comics and movies from which these references are springing. He notes some obscure characters and subtle shout-outs (Gladiator! Stilt-Man!), and does a great job presenting it all in a succinct manner that is easy to digest and understand with excellent screen grabs to back him up. (Note: Major plot points are revealed in the video.)

For those looking for an even more in-depth look at the origins of many of these references and characters, Den Of Geek’s Michael Cecchini has written an incredibly thorough piece on the many ways the second season of Daredevil refers back to the comics, along with histories of characters in various publications. At thirteen pages, it’s astoundingly comprehensive and shows a real depth of knowledge of this world, from obscure characters to knowing the long and twisted history of better known icons like The Punisher. The post is worth reading as a supplement to the video and shines a light into even the most shadowy of corners of references that the showrunners slipped into the Netflix series. So even if it’s hard to tell Grotto from Turk, and lord knows it can be, these two supplements should help viewers better understand the world of Hell’s Kitchen and all of the nerdy baggage it’s bringing along.