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Adventures of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown

1h 25m


Frank Mosley (TC)Mark Hanson (Ski Bidwell)Trey Bumpass (Truman)Christine Galyean (Abbi)Max Hartman (Mr. V)Rick Shew (Mike Baker)Mason Dye (Marc)Kenzie Pallone (Madison)Duke (Bailey)Bailey (Duke)Jiffpom (Felix)Edie (Trixie)Sydney Reinhardt (Taylor)Ouida White (Rosie)Adam Whittington (Delivery Guy)Rick Herod (Bar Manager)Michael P. Brown (Rocco)Michael Turner (Bailey)


Steve Franke



Fresh from selling their company, the Baker family has moved into a posh new home. Bailey seems to be living the life and even has a crush on a pretty female dog, Trixie. But things get turned upside down when Felix, the adorable Pomeranian Trixie's family has been fostering, is suddenly snatched by a shady character named TC, who mistakes him for the big boss' dog. Bailey and his brother, Duke, must now find Felix and keep him from being part of an "exchange" in historic Cowtown. Truman and Abbi, the Baker's kids, help in the search efforts, teaming up with Trixie's owner, Marc, who just happens to be the cute guy Abbi has a crush on! Chaos ensues as they face a multitude of obstacles in trying to rescue the sweet doggie. Will Bailey and the gang save Felix? And will Bailey win the love of his sweetheart?