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Nazis on Trial: Nuremberg in Colour



Lee JagowLisa PineGuy Walters


Danielle Winter



"Nuremberg 1945. The second-largest city in Bavaria lays in ruins. After almost six years of the Second World War, Germany had surrendered unconditionally on May 8. Adolf Hitler, Germany's infamous dictator committed suicide a month before, leaving his beloved country to fall apart. The Nazi Party no longer impose their notorious violence and corruption, the dictatorship has fallen apart, and the country must rebuild after a war that saw it torn apart. Now Nuremberg, where the Nazi Party once celebrated arrogant rallies, was to become the scene of the party's reckoning before the law. The victorious powers - the USA, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and France - are setting up an International Military Tribunal for this purpose to serve justice for wars of aggression, mass murders and twelve years of dictatorship. The once seemingly invincible political party was now left in ruins, just a bad memory for Germany society. Justice is going to be served."