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The Shattering

1h 16m


Liam McMahon (Donovan)Anna Moore (Lucy)Elizabeth Anweis (Trinity)Chris Jarvis (Blair)Holly Burns (Sarah)Ben Fritz (Gomez)Jaz Martin (Alex)Dmitriy Karpov (Dimitry)Grayson Brengle (Young Gomez)Marnie Norris (Mother)Brad Bentz (Hunter 1)James Frey (Hunter 2)Scott B. Nelson (Tricky)Carroll Varner IV (Gabe)Kai Alexander (Carter)Lee Waterworth (Hunter 3)Emanuela Vincenzi (Female Beast)Linda L. Miller (Woman)


Jason Boritz



In the dead of night, Donovan drives with his girlfriend, Lucy and several friends to a secret rendezvous in the woods. They believe they are meeting a "healer" who can cure Lucy's cancer, but they grow suspicious when a booby-trap in the road forces them to stop short of their destination. when the driver gets out to investigate he is brutally killed and dragged from the car. Terrified, the remaining friends run for their lives to a deserted cabin, dodging the paramilitary commandos that hunt them as well as the deadly creatures that slaughtered their friends. As the friends die, one by one, they realize too late that Donovan has set them up as bait in exchange for a magic elixir he believes will heal Lucy, but even Donovan is not prepared to pay the price for Lucy's cure.