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Jimmy Kimmel tests the resolve of The Bachelor's Arie and his second first choice, Lauren

Arie Luyendyk, Lauren Burnham, Jimmy Kimmel
Arie Luyendyk, Lauren Burnham, Jimmy Kimmel
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel continued his mischievously enthusiastic relationship with fellow ABC property The Bachelor, welcoming the freshly reunited couple of Arie Luyendyk and his for-real-this-time true love, Lauren Burnham. Kimmel, whose corporate-synergized interviews with participants in the enduringly buzzworthy reality matchmaking series provide reliable fodder for the host’s skeptically snarky persona, sat down with the pair in the wake of all the inescapable drama surrounding Luyendyk’s massively hyped, much-questioned decision to ditch contest “winner” Becca Kufrin for Burnham, the woman of his true, thoroughly documented dreams. (Not a network to pass up some extended, ratings-happy drama, ABC announced that Kufrin gets the consolation prize of continuing her search for very public love on the next iteration of The Bachelorette.)

With Arie and Lauren giggling happily on his couch, Kimmel couldn’t help but needle the flip-flopping former bachelor (the two announced their engagement earlier in the night on ABC’s After The Final Rose Special), as he attempted to poke holes in the couple’s show of televised bliss. Noting that “everyone is so mad at you,” Kimmel asked Luyendyk if he had been in touch with Burnham while he was supposedly committed to making his match with Kufrin work. (Yes, although Arie claims that Becca said it was okay.) He suggested that it would be great strategy to get The Bachelor to pay for a (second) engagement ring while the two decide whether they’re really going through with the whole marriage thing. (Dodging that, the smiling Lauren said the two are already planning their wedding.) Luyendyk revealed that, when he was on Kimmel’s show previously, he’d already “run back to Lauren” while Kimmel was predicting he’d end up with Becca. (Kimmel took credit for the win, since Luyendyk did technically pick Kufrin.) Heading off into the Arizona sunset of Arie’s apartment and a no-doubt lifetime of deep and meaningful marital happiness, the pair did reveal that they’ve never actually been out to a restaurant together, to which Kimmel joked on the square, “Oh, you should definitely get married right away.”


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