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Netflix sets the nostalgia machine to the ’90s in its first trailer for Everything Sucks!

Ah, the 1990s: Trapper Keepers. O.J. Simpson. Nostalgia for the fashions and culture of the 1980s. Dreams of a future in which Mo Rocca would yell at you on TV about how much he loved the era you were currently living in. It was an amazing time.

Now, Netflix is inviting you to think back on those simpler days with the first trailer for its new nostalgia-themed series Everything Sucks! This first tease is all about feel, and we have to admit that they hit at least a few of the nails on the head, from the frazzled substitute teacher wheeling in one of those big-ass TV carts with a VHS player strapped to it to keep her charges quiet and distracted, to the distinctive “bwop” of VH1’s Pop-Up Video. We’d make a joke here questioning how far you can actually get on nostalgia alone, but a quick glance around our entire culture almost instantly confirms the answer: pretty damn far. We’ll know for sure when the series debuts on February 16.


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